Welcome to TAML!#

Do you want to learn Python but don’t know how to get started? Attend the Spring 2023 SSDS Text Analysis and Machine Learning Bootcamp and learn the content of this book.

This is a relaxed, low-stakes environments for beginners who have little or no experience programming in Python and want to learn it and get started with computational text analysis and machine learning.

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  • Every Friday in April! 1-4PM in 121A Green Library (Tierney Room)

Click the links below to register for each date separately:

April 7: Chapters 1-3 Gain confidence coding with Python to import, wrangle, visualize, and understand data click to register

April 14: Chapters 4-5] Develop strategies to internalize basic principles for working with text and machine learning click to register

April 21: Chapters 6-7 Learn best practices for performing text analysis within and across documents click to register

April 28: Chapter 8-9 Explore new research possibilities with large language models click to register


Software and Services for Data Science (SSDS)#

Hosted by the Text Analysis and Machine Learning Working Group (TAML) at Software and Serivces for Data Science (SSDS) at the Stanford University Cecil H. Green Library. Visit us at https://ssds.stanford.edu